Newsletter No. 222 September 21, 2016

Newsletter No. 222 September 21, 2016

The Golden Eagle Militaria Forum News Letter
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Forum Chief…Basil Colon
Orders & Decorations WW II Moderator …Saul Scrotum
Orders & Decorations post-WWII Moderator …Tansy-Sue Karpowitz
Orders & Decorations Godet Black Wound Badges Moderator …Edgar T. Smegma
Orders & Decorations Juncker Black Wound Badges Moderator …George Navel
Orders & Decorations Fantasy Pieces Moderator …Horst Schwantzfresser
Schloss Klessheim Treasures Moderator …Timmy Slatkin
Uniforms, Wehrmacht Moderator …Cestus Gorp
Uniforms NSDAP Moderator…Mike Hunt
Uniforms HJ Moderator…Gwen Twidget
Uniforms Foreign Volunteers Moderator…Istvan Schmuck
Uniforms German Mail Service Moderator…Rutherford Minge
Uniforms German Tram and Rail Service Moderator …Yolanda Puta
Uniforms German Hospital Attendant Moderator …Roberto Momser
Daggers & Edged Weapons of the Third Reich Moderator…Edgar Slittman
Fantasy Daggers & Edged Weapons of the Current Era Moderator…C.E. Toejamm
Steel Helmets of the Wehrmacht Moderator …Colonel Bill Seamy
Camouflaged Helmets of the Current Era Moderator…Major Hector Nuisance
SS General’s Belt Buckle Guns…Jack Mehoff
Field Marshal’s Batons Moderator …Rolf Hosenbrummer
Military Uniform Buttons of the Wehrmacht and SS Moderator…Sawney Bean
Uniform Buttons of the German Postal Service Moderator…George Yang
Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS Cigarette packs Moderator…Russ Hackman
Forum Secretary …Edna Semen

Topics of the Day

This from Iron Mike
We members of the Golden Eagle Militaria Forum are under siege by very warped and criminally evil forces. Yes, I am speaking here of the publications of the warped and crooked Lothar Sneed internet site. We all know that Sneed is either the vile Ronald Pelham or Ytzak Liebermann. He thinks he can publish under fake names but the Golden Eagle sees all! And of course Edna Semen reminds me the culprit could also be MacMillian Fong or his sister Eunice. These sick people have been writing a series of articles about the well-known and certainly genuine SS General’s Belt Buckle Guns. We all know these are genuine and Jack Mehoff, our moderator, has written a really impressive book on the subject. And Jack always gives a CoA with all his buckle guns. Last month, as we know if we attended the Ernie Show in Bad Seepage, Ohio, Jack sold Heinrich Himmler’s own gun to a Russian collector. But the Sneed site claims that these buckles are being made in India! Another site claims they are made in Poland be we know that the Poles could never make anything as beautiful as these wonderful pieces. Our message is to boycott these vile sites and never write about them for our twenty thousand respectable members!

This from the Maryland Gauleiter
I do not think it is a really good idea to mention Poland on this site. There is a controversy about the Eva Braun napkin ring going on and also the Schloss Wewelsburg Damascus Door Handles. The less said the better about Poland, guys.

This from Captain 88
I think most members would disagree with Maryland Gauleiter. Real Wewelsburg door handles face to the right but the fake ones made in Peru face to the left. Maryland Gauleiter doesn’t know what he’s talking about and if he keeps this up, we should kick him off the forum for disobedience.

This from the Maryland Gauleiter
As usual, Captain 88 lets his big mouth overload his ass. I’ll bet he has a fake Eva Braun napkin ring! I know he has a fake Godet ‘500’ tank badge because I saw it at the Ernie Show. It’s you, Captain 88, that ought to be kicked out.

This from Forum Chief Basil Colon
I think we should all step back a few feet and calm down here. Couldn’t Wewelsburg door handles face both ways? And Godet did make a ‘500’ tank badge because I happen to have a real one in my own collection! My father got it from a well-known Panzer general just after the war so there cannot be any argument here, boys!

This from Moderator Saul Scrotum
Yes, the Forum Chief is correct. But did you know that Godet also made a ‘1000’ tank badge? You can see a picture of it on page 95 of my book on Godet tank badges. Just some information to help collectors.

This from Iron Mike
I just want all my good friends on the Forum to know that I survived the operation and will be back in the saddle again! Thanxs to all for the flowers and the goat pictures…that really touched me. Well, can’t wait to see the new Hosenbrummer book on the Knight’s Cross pieces! Rolf really hit the nail on the head when he explained that my half-moon loop was only for the earliest RK issues! I knew that a copper-center piece was only for Generals but the half-moon is a winner for me. Too bad Chinese printing costs have boosted Rolf’s prices up to $300 a book but believe me, this will be a real winner for all!

This from Tiny Tim
Who says that there was no ‘200’ tank badge? I got my precious piece from Dick Puller’s auction and believe me, I am happy. Yes, I know that these were supposed to be made from zinc but as Rolf pointed out, so well, the brass ones were only made for senior SS officers! We do not need negative remarks on our forum, guys, so let’s watch the negativity. And believe me, my ‘200’ is the pride and joy of my collection!

This from Captain Scheisskopf
Too bad about Ronnie’s wife but look at it this way: He had the chance to save his collection or the baby when the fire broke out and a baby can be replaced without any trouble but a collection is much harder! I mean, where else could you find six belt-buckle guns? And senior SS issue at that!

This from the Dagger King
Just a line to let you all know that I bought a really rare Investment Quality SS Honor Ring from Andy Cohen! It’s in pure gold and belonged to Heinrich Himmler as you would know if you read Andy’s book. It has Himmler’s name engraved inside. 50k is cheap at the price, dudes!

This from Rolando Balmuncher
Looking forward to the Ernie Show in September. Maudie-Mae and I are going for sure (her probation will be over by then and she can leave the state) and we will bring the kids and my latest treasure, the SS General’s sport shirt! See you there and just a word to other collectors: Please use the lavatory, not the cigarette urns! When one caught fire at the last show, the stink cleared out the hall! A sad note here: Maudie-Mae’s sister, Eunice, just passed away from the Dutch Elm disease!

This from The Great One
Remember, visit my auction and see all the wonderful things that I alone have! My Russian collectors can’t wait for the next auction. Three Adolf Hitler paintings, six Field Marshal’s batons, a gold-rimmed Grand Cross, a Damascus Hitler Youth Knife with Diamonds and, the best of all, Hitler’s personal typewriter and his Damascus BB-gun!

2 thoughts on “Newsletter No. 222 September 21, 2016

  1. Going after these feeble-minded ones is like shooting a butterfly with a rifle.
    This is a terrible satire on the tribe and I laughed for some time.
    They all hate you, you know, because you trample on their dreams.
    I am sure genuine collectors appreciate your efforts and you can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.
    Now spend some time in putting out factual material.
    By making fun of these pompous and stupid people is very well and good but there must be a balance in your work.

    1. The problem with these types is that their behavior is destructive, not positive, and they do serious damage to the militaria collecting hobby.
      These people know very little and compensate for this by bombast, most of which is wrong. This kind of snide, opinionated behavior does damage to the collecting world in that it puts so many beginning collectors off that they go away.
      Pseudo-experts in the game to make money and get attention, like the French belt buckle “expert” eventually come a cropper and end up sweeping bus stations late at night.
      But in the meantime, they leave a trail of deceit and ill-feeling behind them.
      I intend to do more factual publications but whenever I see a fool bending over, sometimes the desire to boot him in the fundament overwhelms me. A

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