Newsletter No. 221 September 18, 2016

Newsletter No. 221 September 18, 2016


Among the more exotic fakes created by the late Colonel James Atwood, is the renowned “Adolf Hitler Suicide Pistol.”

This appeared on the cover of Argosy magazine and had been sold to an Andy Wright of Saskatchewan, Canada for a very large sum of money.

Unfortunately for the proud owner, the pistol is certainly a Walther-made PPK model but it was made after 1965.

On the slide of original pistols one saw the legend, ‘Waffenfabrik Carl Walther/Zella Mehelis i. Thur” but on the Wright piece, the markings were for “Waffenfabrik Carl Walther/Ulm Donau.”

As this factory location only began in 1965, it ought to be obvious to anyone that a pistol with that marking could not have been Hitler’s pistol.

And on the right side of the pistol, shown in the Argosy article, was a pistol serial number.

A contact with the current Walther factory office disclosed that that number belonged to a PPK model made on special order for Atwood.

He was then stationed in Berlin, working for the CIA.

Like cleaves unto like after all.

Once this highly negative information began to become public, the owners of the pistol had it re-engraved on the slide (a very sloppy performance) and had the serial number carved over and obliterated.

It should be noted that the possession of an unnumbered handgun in the United States is a Federal crime.

A well-known American dealer in fakes and a founding member of the WAF, was planning to exhibit this as another of his Precious Treasures but suddenly dropped the idea.

As a matter of interest, Hitler’s pistol was a Belgian Browning 7.65 pistol, the serial number of which is still registered with both the Berlin and Munich police departments. This is the only pistol Hitler ever owned or carried.


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2 thoughts on “Newsletter No. 221 September 18, 2016

  1. I will wager you that Gottlieb was the dealer who was planning to sell this abortion.
    And you are right about the CIA people in the trade.
    Did you know Jack Angolia was CIA in Nam?
    I notice that these types love to strut around, bragging about how important they are and selling fakes out of their basement museums to suckers.
    And what about the French fraud trying to pass himself off as the belt buckle king?
    He hates you because you are ruining his sales and, even worse, making him a fool.
    Arthur, you cannot make Jean Pierre a fool because God beat you to it!
    And I wonder what ripe sucker has this fake Hitler gun now?
    Just keep up the good work and I have sent you two belt buckle listings by their overseas manufacturers.
    Note a totally fake “Godet” buckle listing.
    “We will stamp these beautiful pieces with the following marks at your wish!” says one of the ads.
    Publish this and the elite buckle collectors on the WAF will crap green marbles for a week. Keep up the good work and do more on daggers.

    1. Absolutely correct. And I wonder who has the fake gun now?
      This is something you would not find on the WAF because it is too expensive and their membership likes to buy items under thirty dollars because that’s all their wives or mothers will let them spend.
      And the collecting world is packed with soi-disant “experts” who pontificate about this or that, put themselves as the last word on some subject, become Project Leaders on places like the WAF and then proceed to buy fakes and then “authenticate” them on the forums and subsequently sell them to the trusting sheep, along with worthless COAs.
      These COAs are a huge joke.
      An individual used to issue these for badly cast SS Honor Rings his friends were making and he charged the boobery $300 a certificate.
      I have seen such identical rings selling on Reddick to dealers at $53.00.
      Mr. Reddick sells reproductions as such and is very popular with dealers but he himself makes no claims of “just found in Polish bunker” and is quite legitimate.
      He also sells all kinds of reproduction belt buckles, brocade belts and so on.
      None of these are original, though many are of superior workmanship.
      Look him up at
      Why pay $5,000 for an “SS Officer’s Dress Brocade belt” (complete wit a CoA!) that Reddick sells to dealers at $60.
      He does not sell COAs.
      There are many companies who make, and sell, reproductions and we have found many catalogs online and I intend to publish these.
      If I do, fake dealers and their suckers will howl “liar” while changing their dignity pants.
      I must be popular with such types because my site host tells me there have been over 10,000 attempts to sabotage it.
      All of these pathetic attempts have been blocked and the host has been kind enough to supply me with information on the identities of the trouble-makers.
      I have the feeling that they will be having internet problems of their own very soon.
      I just took on board an advanced computer specialist and from what he tells me, he will prove to be an excellent means of tending to the squealer.
      “Mommy, my hard-drive is gone! What am I doing to do? I wanted to look at X-Hamster and I can’t even get my own mail!”

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