Who is Mr. AD Royster?

Who is Mr. AD Royster?

Arthur D. Royster (AD) is a member of a distinguished North Carolina family that has been in the United States since the eighteenth century. He joined the military when he was eighteen, attended classes at the Command and General Staff School in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas and was posted in Germany for over ten years.   Mr. Royster was initially stationed in Bonn, attached to the U.S. Embassy there and later was posted to the American Zone of Berlin.

Mr. Royster is fluent in German and has been a militaria collector since 1960.  In that time,  he has amassed a large collection of items of German militaria, both Third Reich and Imperial, as well as a smaller collection of Imperial French and Russian historical artifacts.  Among the more important historical artifacts in Mr. Royster’s collection are Hitler’s will, the baton of a German field marshal, a set of decorations belonging to Hermann Goering and two sets of the rare Oakleaves and Diamonds to the German Second World War Knight’s Cross.

After decades of researching and collecting militaria items, Mr. Royster has been struck by a lack of original knowledge anywhere on the Internet. Of course, there have been many very good, accurate and informative books published on military subjects but somehow, little of this accurate and helpful information has made it to the great information highway.

As he grown older, Mr. Royster is consulting his own collection and many wartime German records in order to present as accurate a picture as possible to assist serious collectors and hopefully, to save them from making serious errors based on lack of knowledge.

Mr. Royster’s wife of forty years, Madeline Palmquist Royster, died in 2008 and they had two sons, James and Arthur, Jr. and a daughter Bettina who is married to a Belgian diplomat. Mr. Royster lives on Bear Gulch Road in Woodside, an exclusive community south of San Francisco, California.

Reader comments are indeed always welcome and, if time permits, Mr. Royster will be pleased to answer queries from interested parties.
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4 thoughts on “Who is Mr. AD Royster?

  1. Wonder if you have ever followed the multiple monologues written by a “Friedrich Berchtold”, who posts frequently on the War Relics Forum – and if so, what are your thoughts on the Author?

    1. I do not look at the forums because, in the main, their contents are not instructive. However, that having been said,if you will send me examples of the articles in question, I will be happy to comply with your request.
      AD Royster

  2. Hello. My name is Jacob Brown. I have an Adolf Hitler drawing dated 1919. I would like to email you the images for your opinion on authenticity. It was purchased through an auction house for 2800. It is signed in full Adolf Hitler. Is this something you’d be interested in viewing? Thanks

  3. Hi my name is Peter from Wales UK.I have been a militaria collector for 35 years,your web site is the best,you tell it like it is ,full of shisters and rip of merchants trying to make a fast buck,keep up the good work Mr Royster,tell it like it is.

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