Newsletter No. 216 August 27, 2016

Newsletter No. 216 August 27, 2016

Once again, we return to the creative works of Lt. Col. James Atwood, USA ret and CIA operative.

Here is a picture, taken from his dagger book, showing a “Himmler Damascus Letter Opener.”

This creative bit of work is to be found in his book, ‘The Daggers and Edged Weapons of Hitler’s Germany’ Berlin, 1965 on page 213.
This is described as a Himmler Christmas present, made by Paul Müller at Dachau.

The blade is not Damascus but is acid-etched and the gilt lettering is applied with Xpoxy.

These entertaining pieces cost Atwood DM 100.

At the time he had them made, a Deutsche Mark was worth $.25.

The Atwood-invented 'Himmler letter opener' with fake Damsacus blade and glued-on lettering.
The Atwood-invented ‘Himmler letter opener’ with fake Damsacus blade and glued-on lettering.

2 thoughts on “Newsletter No. 216 August 27, 2016

  1. Good show! Now you are leaving the belt buckle frauds behind and moving into the rarified upper circles again.
    How about a rubber Grand Cross that Göring used to wear in his bath?
    What about that Jewish fellow in Florida who makes up fantasy concentration camp patches? Or the other dealer who has been offering a repro Reddick SS officer’s brocade belt for sale for five grand?
    Maybe the ‘Charlemagne’ SS helmet could come next or perhaps you could do a hit piece on the fake belt buckle guns.
    I have original patent material on these.
    They made five and all are accounted for but none of them have SS cap eagles glued on the front.
    You did the ‘Himmler Reichschancellery tapestry’ already but there are more of these Asian-made abortions being shoved off on the unsuspecting.
    And you could do another hit piece on the so-called ‘Schloss Klessheim’ fakes that we saw so many of a few years back.
    And the ‘German Cross in gold with diamonds’ that were brought out of the enormous hidden bunker underneath the castle by GIs belonging to an Army unit that didn’t exist until 1950!
    They had a time machine, no doubt.
    Keep it up, dudes!

    1. More cruelty and savage lack of understanding for the ignorant collector who has greasy old rikermounts stuffed full of the pride of Pakistan, India, China and even the United States. There were 7,200 Knights Crosses issued during the war but a conservative estimate is that there are about 20,000 in elite collections.
      Did the war really end or is there something we don’t know?
      And you forgot the ‘Knight’s Cross of the War Service cross, with swords in gold’ that was invented by the fortunately late Dr. Kleitman in Berlin.
      Wonderful what a faker can do by putting his junk into a book.
      Or give out utterly worthless certificates of authenticity for that fake SS honor ring or that Anzio pattern camouflage helmet.
      These certificates are more valuable than the fakes they purport to authenticate.

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