Newsletter No. 217 August 27, 2016

Newsletter No. 217 August 27, 2016

Ever eager to supply the dealers, and through them, the collectors, with rare and tasteful items, the Polish firm has sent out a elegant listing of first class fakes to dealers around the globe.

We have been fortunate to obtain illustrations of hundreds of such items which we will be showing from time to time to delight theĀ  many tasteful collectors who treasure such items and the dealers who are even more delighted to reap the rewards of a cash input to enable them to take their whole family to Orlando before it is under water.

Captions are not necessary as these precious treasures speak for themselves.

And a note to the collecting fraternity: Why pay retail prices for these pieces when you can buy them directly from the manufacturer?

Here is his

Buy now and be the envy of your friends and fellow-collectors of really high quality reproductions and fantasy pieces.








2 thoughts on “Newsletter No. 217 August 27, 2016

  1. Wow! Wait until the forum people see this posting! What we will hear, besides screams of rage aimed at your meddling in their dreams is the crash of junk going into garbage cans all across the globe.
    How can you be such an inconsiderate and cruel person? And the best thing that ever came out of Poland was an empty bus.

    1. Admittedly the United States public educational level is down around the Mexican one but don’t you think collectors ought to find out how badly they have been fiscally raped? And I suggest that the crooked dealer can take his family to Orlando after it is underwater and we won’t have to read his fake-packed website any more. And I do try to keep my postings short. That way the dictionary can stay on the shelf and continue to gather dust. If you liked these beauties, trust me, I have hundreds more available, along with daggers, medals, helmets and more.

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