The AD Royster Archives

The AD Royster Archives

Here you will find the archives of five years (over 250 pages) worth of the Letters From Mr Royster.

The essay,  “Anatomy of a Fraud” which deals with the fraudulent Rodin statue scandal is Anatomy of a Fraud.  This story,  while not dealing explicitly with militaria,  illustrates the means and methods used in the WWII German Militaria Collecting Market to dupe the unwary into paying top dollar for provable frauds.

The following list is a compendium of detailed articles on specific items of interest:

The one that started it all: The Guerrilla Warfare Badge

21 Waffen-Gebirgs–Division

AD Royster Letter No 6 (2)


The Days of Miracles are still with us

Examples of Fake Insignia

Examples of Fake SS Collar Patches and Cufftitles

Feldherrnhalle Dagger

Field Marshall Model’s Baton

German Order of the Greater German Empire

Grand Cross of the Iron Cross Presentation Document

Grand Cross of the Iron Cross

Lappland Shield

Luftwaffe Tank Badge

Operation Griffen

Pilot Observer Badge

Replica Field Marshall Baton

Reprints from Wilbur Stump

Royster v Maertz

The SA Marine Dagger

Spotting a Fake Knights Cross

SS Allach Chinese Fakes

The 20th of July 1944 Wound Badge

The Coburg Decoration

The Eastern Peoples Military Units of the German Army

The Germanic Proficiency Badge

The Young Cossack Badge

The Strange Case of Adolf Galland’s Diamonds by Wilbur Stump

Warm Friendships

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