Newsletter No. 238, December 7, 2016

Newsletter No. 238, December 7, 2016


Here are two German Fire Service sleeve patches, one for the Reichskanzelei and the other for the F├╝hrerhauptquartier.

They are magenta machine-embroidered on a black background. Both are fantasy pieces made to deceive. There were no such Fire Service stations during the Third Reich.Two fictional Police patches shown here are samples of a number of fictional patches for the SS and Police units.




2 thoughts on “Newsletter No. 238, December 7, 2016

  1. Gentlemen:
    Many thanks for your posting about a fake fire department patch. We have had one on consignment from a customer and it was very highly priced. We have asked the customer to remove it from his case. It appears that there are more faked German military items now than there were during the war. This is a pity but our firm will not sell fakes as originals.
    The Rochelle Gallery

    1. You are entirely welcome. It is primarily a question of degree with us. A million dollar fake sale is major criminal fraud and eventually, one of the big-time dealers will get nabbed by the authorities and this could slow down the Himmler chairs, Hitler paintings, field marshal batons and diamond-studded wound badges.

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