Newsletter 239 December 11, 2016

Newsletter 239 December 11, 2016

Reichsmarschall tunic

Here is an original tunic for  Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring that was part of a large collection of tunics, trousers and military caps that was discovered in Bavaria several years ago. Although our site specializes in exposing fakes, we are always interested in also showing genuine items. There are endless variations on Göring items of dress and he had weight fluctuations which resulted in his having many tunics, trousers and overcoats. His hat size was always 61 cm, however.



4 thoughts on “Newsletter 239 December 11, 2016

  1. I have just gotten back from a trip to Europe and have spent some time digging up dirt on the major German and British dealers and a few Russian ones. I am sending you pictures, texts, addresses and so on to help your campaigns against fakes, fakers and the idiots who buy such gross fakes as the “1936 HJ Olympics Dagger.” When you expose such like frauds, believe it that the “informational forum” freakos scream with rage. Of course you have ruined the resale value of a fake. The dealer can’t sell any more fakes you expose (he has a box full of the pieces in his office) and the collector can’t hope to resell it, at a profit of course. And why not go after the shill books that are put out solely to tout fakes? A friend has a list of at least a hundred of these, ranging from “Stalingrad” and “Charlemagne ” humped helmets to books full of pictures of fake daggers. I would keep focused on cheaper items than the flood of awful “Hitler paintings.” I notice that there are fewer and fewer of these, thanks to your exposure of them. And why not publish the home addresses of dealers? Anyway, have a Merry Christmas!

    1. I will look forward to your input. I notice the Polish maker of SS napkin rings and other kitsch has stopped sending his lists around. No doubt the crooks told him to stop advertising to the public and deal only with them. It won’t work because several dealers have come over to my side and supply me with all kinds of input on the condition that I do not speak ill of them. And the forums are nothing but sounding boards for deluded idiots. After all, the empty drum makes the most noise. I see the New Year as being one wherein the crooks and the members of the idiot brigades meet their Waterloo. ADR

  2. Gentlemen:
    It would be a fine thing if we could not only expose the fakes but also the dealers who buy and sell these as authentic. I wouldn’t bother about the fools who buy the fakes because if you cut the roots, the vine always dies and the sour grapes people who seem to now infest the collecting world will shrivel up and die.

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