Newsletter No. 233, November 24, 2016

Newsletter No. 233, November 24, 2016

Who, one might ask, is “Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco?”

This individual is alleged to have been a Spanish intelligence agent, working for the German Abwehr during the course of the Second World War, and who is further alleged to have been in Berlin in May of 1945 and while there, is purported to have assisted Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Martin Bormann and Gestapo Chief Heinrich Müller to escape that city and go to South America.

We have conducted a lengthy check of this “Velasco” with both the current German state archives and the German military archives (the assertion being that Velasco worked for the German military Abwehr.)

We have also sought specific information from the current Spanish government about the same person.

In both cases, we find that this man was not found in any of their period records.

Martin Bormann’s body was discovered and positively identified post-war and Heinrich Müller went to Switzerland in 1945 so that neither of these people were involved in any purported escape plot.

Also, our Spanish government contact noticed that the name of Velasco and some of the purported material about this matter has appeared on Wikipedia.

He said the article was totally incorrect and badly spelled, indicating both to him and to us that it was a self-serving posting.

We have contacted Wikipedia with the intention that they either modify the posting or remove it entirely.

One should note that there were two German submarines that went to South America at the end of the war but both submarines were immediately interned by the local authorities and their official reports clearly show that top level Third Reich officials, to include Hiter and his associates, were not on board either boat.

At the time in question, May of 1945, there was one aircraft that might have made a flight from Germany to South America.

That was the sole Junkers 290 A-6, Hitler’s personal aircraft.

That aircraft flew from Ainring in what now Austria, to Barcelona in April of 1945.

It’s crew (from KG 200) and the aircraft, were at once interned by the Spanish authorities and did not fly to South America. The aircraft was taken on the rolls of the Spanish air force and was eventually scrapped.

Stories have been created that speak of vast settlements of top level German SS, NSDAP and SD personnel living in Argentina and these stories also include secret enormous concrete U Boat pens hidden either on the Argentinian coast or in ice caves in the glaciers of Antarctia. There is even discreet mention of a hidden German atomic energy facility in the same ice, still in operation, no doubt staffed by penguins wearing tattered SS uniforms.

And there are also people who believe in fried ice cream and out-of- body experiences.


2 thoughts on “Newsletter No. 233, November 24, 2016

  1. When I first heard about these stories, I thought someone was pulling my leg but I found out later that a number of people actually believe that Hitler escaped to Buenos Aires (or Cleveland) in some kind of a huge plane or on a submarine filled with top Nazis.
    And I am sure that there are hucksters who will take you right to where Hitler used to live in some city in Argentina that has no name.
    For money, of course.
    Well, there are those who believe in the Shroud of Turin and the fingernails of the Virgin Mary!

    1. Are you interested in buying a bridge?
      If people want to throw money away looking for Really Important Reich Relics, I think I can find Hitler’s bath mat for them.
      That’s the one that U boat dropped off at the Oak Street beach in Chicago along with his dog and some biscuits.

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