Newsletter No. 232, November 19, 2016

Newsletter No. 232, November 19, 2016

Here is a most enlightening communication from a regular commentator. This gives very interesting background to the large market in fake Nazi-era relics. It addresses players in the game that have not been guessed at but who are not unknown.

from Simon Carrington

to AD Royster Militaria

It is very interesting to observe that our very own CIA is deeply involved in the manufacturing, authenticating and sale of fake Nazi political and military items.

The worst of this gang was James P. Atwood.

He worked for the CIA in Berlin, faked “Hitler Assassination Rifles,” many “prototype” rare Nazi daggers, smuggled LMG 42s into Canada for sale to the RAM in New York, worked also with Marcus Wolfe, head of the STASI and a neighbor in Berlin selling CIA secrets to him, involved in more gun running.

Atwood had excellent connections with Nazi elements in the CIA -organized BND, sold or traded many intelligence secrets with the Russian GRU, helped Critchfield sell Russian atomic artillery shells to Pakistan and many more acts of fraud and treason.

I have much input on Atwood and other CIA operators who, with consent from their superiors, made, caused to be made and merchandised millions of dollars of counterfeit Nazi items.

The leadership of this gang was located in Munich, by the English Garden, and were fronted to the public as “Radio Free Liberty.”

Much of this was, of course, to make money they could stuff into Lichtenstein or Swiss banks but also to foster interest in fomenting active neo-Nazi groups both domestically and abroad.

There is far more to the fake Nazi relics business than meets the eye, believe me!


4 thoughts on “Newsletter No. 232, November 19, 2016

  1. Allegations that the CIA is involved with the fake Nazi relics market is not surprising.
    This organization has a very bad international reputation and making and selling counterfeit relics is just another business for them.
    After all, the Chinese are now making all kinds of fake rare gold coins (out of tungsten, gold-plated) and gold bank bars.
    American dealers are buying these and stuffing into the public, just like the crooked American militaria dealers are stuffing fake relics into their customers.
    The best way to stop this is to publish as much illustrated material as possible so that collectors won’t have an excuse for looting their kid’s college funds to buy that SS general’s belt buckle gun or a fake Hitler painting.

    1. Informing the public is, on the surface, a good idea.
      However, dealers become outraged and collectors with a room full of fakes become even more outraged.
      But as you say, if the revealing evidence is out there and no one wants to believe it, why worry?
      When you tell a driver that the bridge is out just ahead and he gives you the finger and drives on, the loud crash five minutes later is not either unexpected nor unwelcome.
      One less fool to feed.

  2. This Sharkhunters you people wrote about is what is wrong with the German military collecting field. If it isn’t Goering’s bathmat for $10,000 (with a CoA of course…worthless of course) we have Special Journeys to discover Hitler’s house in Argentina and maybe “somewhere near” a town on the coast, a Hidden Bunker with hundreds of U boats hiding. Or copies of a Pilipino balasong knife being passed off as an “SS Paratrooper Knife.” Hitler died in Berlin in ’45 and all the U boats are accounted for. Whole fleets of them did not carry Hitler, Eva Braun and others to some secret place. They found and identified Bormann’s body a long time ago. They dug it up by the Weidendammer bridge which is in Berlin, not Buenos Aries. I would wonder if there are people outside of a nut house that would go for such silly crap but I am sure there are. There should be a special part of the Internet for such crackpots, along with Hillary supporters, people who believe in the second coming and suckers who go to fake universities, get loaded up with student loans in the tens of thousands of dollars and then couldn’t get a job a McDonalds, sweeping up after hours. A little Drano would clear up a lot of this blockage, believe me.

    1. If people like to live in a fantasy world, why not let them?
      If they are going tourist class to look for Hitler’s go-cart, it takes them out of the country, keeps them from wandering out in front of speeding traffic, gives money to the airlines and makes them happy in their closing years.
      And that SS knife is a real comedy.
      I know someone who has a gold plated one he says belonged to Himmler!
      I wonder if he got a genine CoA with it?
      He can use this while he’s sleeping under a park bench.

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