Newsletter No. 224 September 26, 2016

Newsletter No. 224 September 26, 2016

Note: We are presenting in this posting an article by Christian Jürs.. Mr. Jürs has a large collection of original German military decoration documents and decorations and is currently preparing a heavily illustrated book on the subject. ADR

The Danzig Flak badge
This badge exists and is original to the period yet there is no mention of it in the official records. This, of course, upsets amateur collectors who are unable to make up their collective minds about whether or not it actually existed.
It did and over 200 of it were made and issued but not by the German Luftwaffe. It is a commemorative piece founded by Albert Forster, the NSDAP Gauleiter of Danzig. Although a personal commemorative decoration, it was authorized for wear by the units involved.
On July 11, 1939 as part of the German mobilization Flak-Abt. z.b.V “Danzig” was formed in Brüsterort (Samland) under the command of Luftwffe Major Giese.
The unit was formed from units of Flak Regiment 11 stationed at Koenigsberg.with volunteers who were born in the city of Danzig, specifically those who had been students and teachers at the Technische Hochschule Danzig.
In the summer of 1939 personnel belonging to the E-Messübungsstelle Göppingen was ordered to march towards Brüsterort in order to organize an anti-aircraft firing range in East Prussia. One Wachtmeister, one Uffz and six or seven Gefr., departed from Göppingen.

Their armament consisted of Skoda 75 mm guns and German guns Flak 30 of 2,0 cm. This Abteilung was motorized and provided air defense to the SS-Heimwehr Danzig in the September, 1939 battle to free Danzig from Polish control.,
This unit fought at Zoppot and then was involved with the conquest of Gdingen. In October 1939 it was absorbed by the Luftwaffe as Gem (mixed) Flak-Abt II./ 21 (Res)
The decoration was worn on the right breast pocket and was presented with a signed certificate by the Gauleiter.

Sources: groß. Nachlass Danzig-Polen 1939-Chronik + 60 org.Fotos! Domingo, 20 de Diciembre de 2009, 15:26:13
Die Geschichte der Deutschen Flakartillerie 1935-45. Horst Adalbert Koch.



Danzig Flak Badge obverse


Danzig Flak Badge reverse

4 thoughts on “Newsletter No. 224 September 26, 2016

  1. Mr. Royster:

    I have heard from a very reputable source that it is expected that certain Muslim jihadists are planning to make serious trouble at the next MAX show. This is a serious source, not a rumour monger. I was planning to go to the show but now I am seriously considering not going. Have you heard anything along these lines? What do you think?

    Simon Carrington

    1. Dear Mr. Carrington:
      I have heard the same information from three very reputable sources, including a relative who is a Federal judge.
      I am certainly not going to the MAX show or to the SoS either.
      It is much better to be safe, and in one piece, than sorry and in many.
      If I get any more concrete input on this subject, I will advise you soonest.
      Thank you for your input.
      Arthur Royster

  2. Ten years ago, if someone said terrorists were believed to going to attack a militaria show, no one would believe them but now, anything is possible. Someone was telling me the other day that many of the dealers who sell Nazi relics are Jewish so that could explain why this show might be a target. Given all the fuss Jews make about the evil Germans, it is a bit odd to see so many of them selling German relics, and especially SS ones, But then, I suppose the profits overcome the outrage. Are you going to expand your site to include European dealers? From what I hear, they are far worse than the US ones.

    1. Yes, this is not so much odd but in bad taste but then so much connected with the hobby is in bad taste. Yes, I am going after the more crooked of the European dealers, starting this week. And it does not surprise me that some militants might attack the MAX show. There are a dozen reasons floating around. I am staying away just to be safe. And if what I am hearing from swindled Russian collectors is accurate, they might attend and do more damage to the swindlers than the Muslims could. Russians are dagger collectors and most of the daggers on the market are stone fakes. A

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