Newsletter No. 213 August 20, 2016

Newsletter No. 213 August 20, 2016

Here we have a picture of a German hunting sword offered for sale with attributions to the Imperial German Garde du Corps, an elite cavalry unit.

This is a custom made piece for a retiring officer and while it has the Imperial Guard star, it is not a copy of a sidearm used by any German cavalry unit. Here also are two pictures from the WKC period edged weapons catalog of 1910 that show the only two types of swords carried by the GdC. One is for field wear and the other, a degen, was worn for non-field dress.

Here also, are two pictures of German Third Reich fire department patches. One is for the F├╝hrerhauptquartier and the other for the Reichskanzeli. Both are modern fantasy pieces as there was no fire department assigned to either entity.

Imperial hunting dagger
Imperial hunting dagger


Imperial German Cuirassier Officer’s field sword, worn by all Cavalry Officers


Imperial German Cuirassier Officer’s Undress sword


Fantasy German Fire Department sleeve insignia

2 thoughts on “Newsletter No. 213 August 20, 2016

  1. I think you are wasting your time putting out articles on anything but Third Reich dreck.
    The forum readers are only interested in such dreck, not in any historical militaria.
    These are tiny-brained idiots who want to appear as if they actually know something and then want everyone else to see how bright they are and how wonderful their silly fakes are. When you see a site purporting to be a serious forum for interested and intelligent collectors with the likes of Gottlieb as a contributor or that phony French belt buckle “expert” who works for Gottlieb, it is time to watch the Disney Channel on TV.
    The US forum people are in the same category as the British ones.
    And why not go after the auction houses that sell militaria?
    90% (or more) of their stock is made in India, China or Pakistan (or often Poland now) so they are a tempting target.
    I have gone through these sites, downloaded many pictures and found the people who make the fakes and have also downloaded their pictures.
    Some of these smart-asses have “locked” their pictures so, they fondly believe, they cannot be copied.
    I have news for them.
    They can and I do.
    This should make the buying public aware of what kind of swill they are being tricked into buying.

    1. I partially agree with you but I have a considerable number of viewers who complain that all I publish are items of German militaria. You can never please everyone, no matter how much you try.

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