Newsletter June 1, 2016 No. 199

Newsletter June 1, 2016 No. 199

Collector’s Glossary
Here is a compendium of terms designed to assist the collecting world make determinations when wishing to purchase items for their collections:

Prototype                                                Non-existent creative invention

Genuine                                                   “…well, it is a….isn’t it?”

Genuine original quality                  Just like they used to make them years ago

Contemporary copy                           Just finished making them last month

Official                                                     Made just like the regulations called for

Prominent collector                         Gullible sucker with money

Knowledgeable collectors              My friends and customers

Letters of authenticity                     Something intended to convince of pre-1945   origin

References or Reference Books   Recently written publications that authenticates fakes

Expert                                                      Your favorite dealer or an author of a “reference book.”

Authority                                                Author of three reference books

Collector                                                 Average boob with modest means

Replacement                                        A fake copy

Museum replica                                  Carefully made fake intended to deceive

Authenticated                                      A approval of a fake item given by an ‘expert’

Research project                                 Reference book of fantasy creations intended to deceive

Investment quality                             More polish to the fake and fewer flaws

Late war production                          Crude copy

Genuine Damascus                            An acid-etched item such as a dagger or sword

Second pattern                                    Badly flawed counterfeit

Lifetime guarantee                            Good for fifteen minutes after receipt by sucker

My personal collection                    Made in India

Forum                                                     The blind leading the blind

Rare item                                               We have a box full under the table

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