Newsletter 272 October 11, 2017

Newsletter 272 October 11, 2017

From: <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 6:43 AM
Subject: Origins of Third Reich fakes


Dear Arthur:

I have received all of your input and have been checking each link. Most amazing what is being made now in the field of Third Reich militaria! Here is the link to one of the biggest Pakistani firms. They make all manner of SS insignia, embroidered flags and standards, and much more. Would you be kind enough to put this on your postings? I am going to send out several such links to the 6,000+ people on my master list and if this resonates, there will be more.

The link to Arris:

Company Name:   Arris International
Address:  Dr.Abdul Street Ghous humza Sialkot, – Pakistan.
Tel:   +92-312-7733029
Fax:   +92-000-000000




3 thoughts on “Newsletter 272 October 11, 2017

  1. The ignorant old ladies on the WAF will have wet panties when they look at this listing! How about the fake ‘200’ tank badge or the ‘Special Gold Close Bar’ that Hitler never gave. It’s too big and has a KM hook at the top. This came from Gerhard W. How many of these nestle in Really Important Collections? I think ‘WAF’ stands for ‘Wimpy and Flatulent.’

    1. I think that is an accurate assessment. ‘Group therapy class’ would probably be more to the point. Christian Jürs is going to publish reams of catalogs of new fakes from the people who make them. Five will get you ten that the whole rotten structure will cave in very soon. A

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