Newsletter 270 October 7, 2017

Newsletter 270 October 7, 2017

Here we have an offering by the Hermann Historica auctions of Munich of what they purport to be rare relics belonging to one of Adolf Hitler’s top aides, Julius Schaub.

One of the “rare” pieces is the now-notorious “Prototype Blood Order” This piece is a purely fantasy item concocted by a prominent German dealer in militaira and sold through other thoroughly crooked dealers to eager, and solvent, collectors.

We saw this nonsensical piece advertised as having belonged to Emil Maurice and Rudolf Hess and read, with great amusement, various inane comments on the Wehrmacht Awards Forum.

When I, and others, published the truth of the matter, all the Precious Treasures vanished back into the sock drawer and blissful oblivion.

There is an old legal adage that says: “False in one thing, false in all.”

And the “Maurice” collection sported several genuine, but valueless, business cards of Maurice and a fake Hitler painting and the fantasy medal.

This salting of the mine is a typical ploy of swindlers. Original but unimportant and relatively worthless items are intermixed with glittering fakes to impress a prospective sucker/buyer and so it continues.





4 thoughts on “Newsletter 270 October 7, 2017

  1. coleman and hritz should have been done for fraud selling these as original and not for a cheap price either, it shows the double standards on these forum ie waf and wrf that these 2 crooks can still hold court and still be regarded as legitimate

    1. The last I heard of the “Emil Maurice collection” is that Kelly Hicks, helmet expert, was offering the collection for sale for $100,000. Perhaps for that price one could get a “Stalingrad pattern” painted helmet from him as a bonus. And both the WAF and the WRF little girls would have more to jump up and down about, squealing with joy as they waved their purses in the air. Walter

  2. Glad to see your on the ball and putting these so called militaria experts under a very public spotlight, for to long have these charlatans held sway and dictated to the masses, you may not be liked but I bet most hold a grudging respect for your honesty and knowledge, Rgds

    1. I am told by one of my spies that the membership of the WAF are forbidden to mention anything positive about me or to contact me, under pain of expulsion. They would be cast into outer darkness, no longer able to discover that their Godet-made RODO SS belt buckle is indeed a prototype and worth a great deal of money.

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