Newsletter No. 205 July 6, 2016

Newsletter No. 205 July 6, 2016

We are presenting a partial copy of the German catalog from the Armeemarinehouses of 1914. This catalog listed all of the uniforms and equipment available to officers of the German Imperial Army and Navy at the outbreak of war. As a good part of this lengthy catalog merely lists items without illustration, we have selected all of the illustrations and are showing these in abbreviated but convenient form.
And to answer various queries from collectors about the products and appearances of Robert Dold belt buckles, we will be showing their entire 1941 illustrated catalog. This is part of a series taken directly from original, illustrated material and shows pieces that were period in original and their construction.
In future publications we will cover also Imperial German, Imperial Russian, flags, standards and gorgets from the German Imperial period, swords of Imperial Germany and uniforms and equipment of the Imperial and Third Reich from period works. Imperial 1

Imperial 2

Imperial 3

Imperial 4

Imperial 5

Imperial 3

Imperial 6

Imperial 7

Imperial 8

Imperial 10

Imperial 11

4 thoughts on “Newsletter No. 205 July 6, 2016

    1. Ah, the world renowned “expert” on fake belt buckles is heard from his residence under that bridge in Canada.
      In response to your question, I have scanned this original RODO catalog and will post it when and as it suits me to do so.
      And I was told you were going to write a “brilliant” attack on Dr. Thayer’s article on original RODO buckles.
      I talked to the person who said you were squealing about this and he said he had never heard another word from you.
      Why is this?
      Having trouble with English?
      Prozac ran out?
      They only let you write one letter a week using crayons?
      Dr. Thayer is waiting breathlessly to hear about this.
      We all need comic relief so why not accommodate the world with some badly-writtten humor?
      Or why not write a semi-literate roast and post it on the precious WAF?
      All of their forum members, both of them, have been screaming and jumping up and down so why not put on your frilly skirt and join the off-key chorus?
      Let’s hear it from the Belt Buckle Queens!

  1. There you go, exciting the natives again. Belt buckles are so exciting and this communicant must be some kind of a self-proclaimed expert from all the noise he has been making. But then there are those who get up on the social networks and complain about the neighbor’s dog leaving yesterday’s dinner on their front lawns. I read the Dr. Thayer article on buckles and think it is very clearly done. From the noise and howling we hear, there must be a lot of fakes being bought and sold, and expertized by the idiot forum team leaders. And you and Dr. Thayer have ruined their dreams! Have you no shame? Do not mock the afflicted.

    1. Do you think I ought to write about uniform buttons?
      These are a very significant part of the collecting world, almost as important as belt buckles, shoe laces and military underwear.
      What about fake Hitler paintings?
      Fake Knights Crosses?
      Fake tapestries?
      Fake SS dinnerware?
      Fake SS bookplates?
      Fake Mussolini watches?
      Fake ‘Feldherrnhalle’ daggers?
      Fake stained-glass windows?
      Belt buckles are the poor collector’s comfort and from the yowling, there must be dozens of fake RODO buckle types out there for the poor of pocket to indulge in.
      And the auction houses to sell.
      A tempest in a tea pot.

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