Newsletter No. 210 August 2, 2016

Newsletter No. 210 August 2, 2016

Sometimes in the collecting world, incredible transactions happen.

In the present case, a collector in the United States had an original watercolor of French ruins made during the First World War by Adolf Hitler.

This had once been in the collection of Heinrich Hoffman, Hitler’s personal photographer, and it ended up in the hands of a collector. He kept this for several years and just recently traded it for an original copy of Hitler’s Last Will and Political Testament and a collection of the papers of SS General Hermann Fegelein.

These documents came from the Frankenfeld collection and were found, after the war, by a US government team searching the grounds of Schloss Fishhorn.

Hermann Fegelein’s brother had commanded the SS Cavalry School there and several trunks full of papers, photo albums and other items had been buried there prior to the end of the war.

Here is the Hitler will and copies of the Fegelein papers will follow in due time.


Hitler Privates Testament P.1

Hitler Privates Testament P.2

Hitler Privates Testament P.3



2 thoughts on “Newsletter No. 210 August 2, 2016

  1. Do you know if the photo albums found with the Fegelein paper’s contain war-time photos of Schloss Fischhorn? Photos of the castle during this time seem to be quite elusive . . . or, at least not commonly shared with the public.

    1. No. The album photographs are of Fegelein, Hitler, shots from the Wolfschanze and other FHQs but nothing of Fishhorn.
      Waldemar ran the Reicschule there. Many pictures of the schloss on Google. Here is the address of the castle:
      Zellerstraße 38, 5671 Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße, Austria. I have no pictures of the place during the war. Many of Wolfschnze, the RK in Berlin and other places.

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