Newsletter No 208 July 25, 2016

Newsletter No 208 July 25, 2016

The SS Standard Bearer’s Gorget M-38

by Dr. Frank Thayer

From its inception, SS standard bearers wore the SA gorget but on September 11, 1938, a new gorget was introduced for SS wear. The RZM logo and manufacturer’s code were stamped into the center tang. The gorget, stamped out of nickle-silver, was 19cm wide by 13.5 cm in height. The chain-link suspension was similar in design to the suspension links of the SS dagger, M-36 in that there were alternating links showing the SS runes and a skull. These were struck on both sides and such chains with devices only on one side are post war copies.
The center tang on the reverse of the gorget is stamped RZM M1/128. It may be of interest that a good copy of the gorget was made in the early 1990s with correct mark on the reverse; however the chain was single sided and the chest of the eagle was almost flat, whereas the original gorget eagle presents a bulbous chest.SS Gorget1

SS Gorget3

SS Gorget2

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  1. Am I the only one writing comments? You ought to read the screams of anger up on the WAF! Of course most of them are illiterate. Is there a top end age limit to members there? I would say about eleven or twelve based on the babblings.
    Interesting article on the SS piece.

    1. I get many comments by email, almost all of which are favorable and a number of which have all kinds of auction house and big time dealer fakes, in pictures, included for me to use. I just got one response for posting, which I won’t repeat, from some weird geek who claims he has regular sex with his dead mother and dead monkeys.(Can there be a difference? Must be a fake belt buckle collector! Probably has a Chinese copy he kisses every night before taking Mom out of the freezer.)

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