Newsletter 264 August 22, 2017

Newsletter 264 August 22, 2017

My book on recent, and not so recent, fake German political and military relics is  completed.

It runs to about 200 pages and lists, among other subjects, fake daggers and swords, fake personality items, fake Hitler artwork and personal relics, fake flags and standards, fake military and political decorations, fake uniforms, fake insignia, fake helmets, fake belt buckles, fake tapestries, fake personality dinnerware, fake documents, fake artwork, fake rings, fake porcelain,  and on and on.

Rather than attack the merchandisers of these fakes, I have obtained many hundred pictures from the catalogs of the manufacturers so that the buying public can instantly see that this rare SS collar patch or cuff title is being made in Pakistan or that this silver-plated cigarette case from an SS unit is being made in Poland. What this is designed to do is to keep innocent collectors from spending their money on fakes.

That this will obliterate the market in fakes is beyond a doubt and soon enough, the sellers of “Eva Braun’s Napkin Ring’ or ‘the honor dagger of the German garbage collector’s league’ and not to forget the ‘Stalingrad SS helmet’ or ‘the Rudolf Hess honor tapestry’

As the buyers retreat, the crooks shrivel up and blow away and the market will return to the genuine collector.

What will happen to creatures like Mrs Wolfe, Gottlieb the Grave Robber, Maerz the goat boy? Back to the farm, the sewage treatment plant or residence under a highway bridge.



2 thoughts on “Newsletter 264 August 22, 2017

  1. Long overdue! All we have now are pap books full of some friend’s worthless collection and puff pieces for the crooks. The market is run by a mixture of aggressive morons and swindlers and many collectors make the word ‘stupid’ look good.
    And I agree about the forums. Both in England and the States, these are packed with nonsense, fakes, mislabeled pieces and in general, the WAF sounds like the monkey house at the zoo during feeding time.

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