Newsletter 262 July 3, 2017

Newsletter 262 July 3, 2017

By Christian Jürs

For the past several months, I, with the friendly assistance of others, have been putting together a fully-ilustrated catalog of fake items of German militaria that are today being produced to be passed off to unsuspecting collectors as genuine. I will send out a notice when this is complete and would like to state that this catalog of fakes is absolutely free to anyone wishing it. But this means we hope to educate the collecting public to the pitfalls that await them in auction house, militaria shows and the Internet market place.

Here are some of the subjects (chosen at random)

Fake Kleitmann “Godet” rare medals

Fake GdC helmets

Fake “Feldherrnhalle” daggers

Fake SS Oberbayern book plates

Fake Polish-made kitch like DAK cigarette cases, Eva Braun napkin rings

Fake hundreds of SS collar patches, shoulderboards and cufftitles

Fake German Crosses in gold with diamonds

Fake field marshal batons for all branches of the Wehrmacht

Fake Knight’s Cross formal papers

Fake reservist Imperial and Wehrmacht steins

Fake EM belt buckles

Fake Hitler paintings (Christian shows half the pictures from the Price book)

Fake SS belt buckle guns

Fake DE standards and pieces thereof

Fake “presentation copies” of Mein Kampf

Fake Hitler uniforms and hats

Fake daggers by the score

Fake Hitler documents

Fake “camouflage” German helmets

Fake “Hitler silver” and assorted dinnerware

Fake Hitler “Ehrenbürger briefs”

Fake Reichsmarschall insignia

Fake paintings of top Nazis (made in China today)

Fake embroidered Imperial German flags

Fake SS Honor rings

Fake German rings of various types

And more.



7 thoughts on “Newsletter 262 July 3, 2017

    1. This started out as a simple project but like Topsy, it growed. This will end up as a 200 page ebook packed with illustration and unpleasant material and will probably sell on Amazon for about $2.00. More later. ADR

  1. Hi, a big relief to see that someone is doing this!

    How can I get a copy? Happy to pay/make donation etc.


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