Newsletter 259 June 26, 2017

Newsletter 259 June 26, 2017

This is the first in a listing of German militaria dealers, and collectors, whose activities should be of interest to the collecting world. We are sending these out, individually once a week to those who have requested them. Because of potential legal problems, we have stopped selling the book, Blacklist, , to the public. Interested parties wishing to address the writer may do so at:

  • Kai Winkler

History Shop/ House of History
Schulstraße 11a
D-21220 Seevetal (Maschen)
Tel.: +49 (0)4105 665832
Fax: +49 (0)4105 82788

 Founded in 1987 and also includes the Winkler Auction

Herr Winkler recently „discovered“ a large number of the so-called „SS Evening Dress“ insignia which he sold to many collectors and dealers at the Show of Shows recently. These are very well made but they are entirely fake. The best way to determine this is to look at the ‚RZM’ marking on the reverse. On the originals, there is a flaw but the copies are perfect. A number of American dealers have purchased these in quantity and we can expect to see auctions and Internet lists studded with them. Herr Winkler also specializes in the currently reprouced Imperial Russian regimental badges (with enamelled faces and screw backs) that have flooded the Russian markets recently as well as several Imperial Russian gorgets for top Imperial Guard regiments. Also to be seen in his catalogs are expensive Imperial German and Russian high decorations, made by the throughly crooked Dr. Kleitmann from the Godet dies he bought when that company went out of business. He is also well-known for selling Pakistani reproduction SS tunics, caps and pants.  Herewith a sampling from some of his catalog listings. Comment is not necessary. At least we do not hear about the fantasy „Gold Knights Cross of the War Service Cross“ found in the non-existant „Schloss Klessheim“ storage rooms, so beloved by Mr. Burmeister. (The few decorations found in a small safe there by American units in 1945 were turned over to the U.S. Army at West Point)

Germar Rudolf

Offerings of “rare original items”

 .Order of the Holy Treasure

The Grand Cross from the property of Generalfeldmarschall Keitel

.Gold Award Pocket Watch of the Russian  Czar Alexander III.

Savonette pocket watch of Pavel Bouré, three lids Gold, with gold hallmark `14 K`, main lid bears tsarist double eagle partially…

.Higher Order of the Black Eagle

Breast Star in embroidered form, 10,5 cm, reverse covered in paper.

.Higher Order of the Black Eagle

Breast Star with the maker mark “W” from Wagner of Berlin, pin, lettering and eagle in gold and the body in silver.

..NSDAP pair of the Golden Party Decoration as a personal gift from Adolf Hitler on January 30, 1939 to Pg Franz MERK.

The large piece has the pin and the Deschler mark and the engraving “30.1;.39 AH. SS .SS-Honor Ring for SS Brigadeführer Heinz HARMEL, engraved inside with ‘S lb Harmel, 21.6.40 H. Himmler, in silver and in nearly mint condition!

..Oakleaves to the Knights Cross

a typical piece of the Juncker firm from the early presentation series of 1940. marked ;L/50’ and ‘Silber.’

..Knights Cross of the Iron Cross

L/12 (Juncker/Berlin), 800 Silver und L/12 stamped on the rim and 800stmped on the suspension ring..

.Very rare first issue Knights Cross with brass center and nickel silver rim. An unique piece (see Maerz book!)

  • .Complete Uniform of Fritz Witt, SS General

including visored cap, tunic, breeches and overcoat




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