Newsletter 255 May 4, 2017

Newsletter 255 May 4, 2017

SS-Totenkopf cuff title

First instituted in September of 1938, this example is one worn on a Waffen-SS officer’s field tunic but is the same one that was issued to all ranks to replace the ‘Oberbayern” title.

Ref: SS-Befehlsblatt Nr. 3, Ziff. 19, And RF-SS T-176 155/2684669

This title was hand-embroidered in aluminum thread. Wartime issues included machine-woven examples.

SS-Totenkopf cuff title, hand-embroidered


2 thoughts on “Newsletter 255 May 4, 2017

  1. I understand you are about to launch a major mass mailing that is expected to flatten the market in fakes. Good for you! And be sure to include such piss-ant subjects as fake belt buckles in your sendings. Not many collectors have the scratch to afford the piles of fake Hitler artwork but the Jap and Chink belt buckles sell like crazy to the poorer collectors. That RODO article brought armies of them out from under the wet logs like the biblical locust plague! And the faked “camo” helmets, the SS china, the Himmler tapestries, the fake field marshal batons you exposed have done damage to the fake merchants and made fools of the idiots who buy from them.

    1. I have something pending that will indeed put a dent in the fenders. The cheap belt buckles with all kinds of maker’s names stamped into them will be covered. I could list the subjects here but it would take up too much space. Your email address will be included. ADR

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