Newsletter 250 April 2, 2017

Newsletter 250 April 2, 2017

Wonders will Never Cease!

Here we have an incredibly rare Third Reich item being offered for the first time to the collecting world.

It is to be offered by a Florida auction house, Affiliated Auctions of Talahassee, and is the property of Germania International of Lakemont, Georgia.

This is a wall lamp from Hitler’s personal bedroom in the old Chancellery and was acquired by Major Benjamin Dover of U.S. Army Intelligence in 1945 from a Russian Colonel he met at a bistro.

The asking price for this treasure is only $15,000!

The same owner also has the Reichsmarschall’s bath mat with his rank insignia woven into a beautiful dark blue background in gold thread!

This treasure will be auctioned by an Illinois firm in August and the asking price will be $5,000 with a signed picture of Goering’ daughter, Edda, accompanying it.

We understand that a carved oaken footstool with Heinrich Himmler’s name superimposed over a skull and SS runes is also in the offing This was acquired from Himmler’s house on the Tegernsee by Staff Sergeant John (“Jack”) Mehoff in 1945 along with a Damascus steel door knob that displays a set of golden SS runes on the outside and which plays a musical “Wenn alle untreu werden..” when turned.

Precious Treasures, indeed!





6 thoughts on “Newsletter 250 April 2, 2017

    1. My dear fellow, a satire? How could you say such a disrespectful thing? Why 73 years after the end of the war, more and more wonderful relics keep appearing as their high ranking GI owners pass away. This lamp is a genuine artifact and it would not surprise me if it were in Damascus steel and made by the Berlin firm of Godet! I don’t think you would survive ten minutes on the WAF with such a negative attitude toward Precious Treasures and their proud owners.

  1. Shame on you for making fun of the feeble-minded! All you are doing by making fun of the gas bags and their trash is to cause unhappiness. I have read on the Internet that you are fourteen different people, all evil and depraved. But much of this trash is because you have been destroying the dreams of the deluded and costing a lot of money to the toads who feed the dreams. Still, when I was at the MAX show, many dealers were moaning because their junk was not selling and later, I read an email from a nut dealer claiming you were going to set off a bomb at the next MAX show! Eventually, the markets will dry up and the deluded suckers will invest money in Beanie Babies and regain their happiness.

    1. My aim is not to annoy the boobery but to warn serious collectors about fakes,fake makers and fake sellers. Once, doctored German helmets were a hot item, just like Allach porcelain was but once the collecting world learned about recently painted helmets and Chinese manufacture of SS china, these markets slowed down and finally deflated.

  2. Although I see this as a joke, it highlights the problem with military collecting. The market has been taken over by neo-Nazis and merchandisers with no interest in collecting but in pushing their beliefs and in making money selling hyped fakes. There are legit collectors but they are overlaid with a bog of “investors” and the same people who believe in Planet X or the Easter Bunny.
    If we could find some way to break up the oligarchy, the legitimate collectors would be much better off.
    I am sending you about ten pages of pictures I took down from the internet of fake daggers, medals, uniforms, helmets etc.
    Why not post dozens of pages so that beginning collectors and others won’t be fooled and raped by sleazy dealers? And the Awards Forum is full of fakes, idiots with fakes they want to be real and dealers trying to legitimize their Pakistani frauds.

    1. This marketplace is packed with all manner of fakes and I agree that a massive frontal assault is in order. Eventually, the authorities will get wind of this and there will be action but in order to get it, one must work daily and for some time, writing to collectors and assembling evidence.

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