Newsletter March 8, 2018

Newsletter March 8, 2018

We have received a notice that the following illustrated German military decoration documents are reported as stolen.

Anyone with knowledge of these documents is requested to contact Christopher Lihou at or at 434 202






7 thoughts on “Newsletter March 8, 2018

  1. I am happy someone is finally getting after that creep who runs the phony auction house.
    What with their “Adolf Hitler telephones and underpants” they are so gross that I never tell people I collect German medals.
    Someone said this one is a Greek Jew and if so, I wonder why, given the Jewish hatred of Nazis, that so many of them deal in Third Reich relics.
    I suppose it’s because they can make money at it!

    1. I have noted this phenomenon. It reminds me of an Armenian selling Turkish military items. Bad taste in the extreme. What will we see next on similar auction (or dealer) sites? Napoleon’s penis? Hitler’s cigar case? Martin Bormann’s Argentinian diaries written on human skin? And to think people buy these humped and bad fakes. Barnum was right when he said a sucker was born every minute. ADR

  2. Someone is finally getting the knife into that sleazy auction house. They sell such stupid crap as Hitler’s huge undershorts or a really fake Hitler telephone.
    Someone told me that the owner is a Greek Jew and I wonder why he would like to sell Nazi-era items?
    I guess because he can make money with it!

  3. In reading the offerings on many of the auction houses today I am struck by the enormous amount of so-called “personality items.” Most of these border on the impossible, such as “Adolf Hitler’s cigarette case” but there are still those around who want to believe that their “Hermann Goering bathmat” is genuine. These crooks have done real damage to a legitimate hobby and the more you expose, the better it will be

    1. The market, a bubble one, has long ago peaked and is now in steep decline. When you read that an auction house sold Eva Braun’s tricycle for $80,000, don’t believe it. Auction houses make up these success stories and feed them to the media in the hopes that the next time when they offer “Adolf Hitler’s cigar case” (‘from a Veteran!) that more suckers will buy. I think this is just beating a very dead horse. ADR

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