Newsletter 258 June 18, 2017

Newsletter 258 June 18, 2017

The attached letter has apparently been sent to many collectors and dealers throughout the world very recently. Christian Jürs, who has submitted to us a number of informative, and accurate, articles on German military decoractions, has sent this to us and just recently, we received about twenty copies of this from interested parties. One collector, or dealer, wrote Mr. Jürs a short and nasty note and we are publishing this, along with his pointed response.


American Holocaust Survivors Association

350 5th Ave.

New York, NY 10018

Rabbi Baruch Shul, Chapter Chairman

Rabbi Joel Timmermann, Editor

Board of Honor

Ytzak Timmermann, Shmon Mandelstram, Dov Yashnitski, Minna Goldstein, Lev Zeitelman, Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Grunstein, Robert Reiss, Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Kreuterman, David Stein, Estelle Morten, Dr. Henry Weiss

To Our Many Friends and Supporters, Greetings!

It becomes increasingly clear that the death of the monster Adolf Hitler in 1945 was not the death of fascism in the world. Every day of every month of the year we learn of increasing, vicious anti-Semitism throughout the world.

Even here in America, the Jewish community is no longer a safe haven for our people. Many of our “prominent and respectable” citizens are upright, caring members of society during the day but in the darkness, their truly evil side emerges.

For some time, the AHSA has been gathering information on these secret nazis, now called the ‘alt-right’, and now we are exposing them to the spotlight of the truth.

The first of the secret nazi and far-right neo-nazi organizations is one that coordinates and finances what  they hope will be a nazi-style anti-immigration and anti-liberal putsch both in America and also in Europe.

In order to fund their anti-democratic actions, these groups have a process that verges on the bizarre.

Firstly, they get their support money partially from a large hoard of gold coins hidden around an Austrian lake by a nazi SS general at the end of the war. This is known as the Weissensee-Globocnik gold. Globocnik ran three death camps in Poland and looted his victims. Parts of this concentration camp blood money were dug up in 2000 and the gold was, and is, being used to fund.

The exact amount of looted nazi gold dug up is strongly believed to be in the neighborhood of 20,000 gold coins, each weighing about one ounce each.

It is known for a certainty that this hoard is now in the hands of the nazi financers, hidden in one of the southern states of the United States, and is easily converted into needed cash for guns and explosives.

And the second method of raising alt-right neo-nazi funding is to make, and sell, nazi relics to gullible collectors. Yes, we speak of a flood of counterfeit nazi-era relics such as ‘concentration camp officer’s rings,’  ‘Adolf Hitler paintings,’ ‘nazi tapestries,’ ‘nazi daggers and swords,’ ‘rare nazi documents.’ ‘German military field marshal’s batons,’ ‘nazi military medals,’ ‘nazi SS flags and banners,’ ‘fake personality nazi items such as Hitler military caps and Hermann Goering medals.’ And many more such overt nazi propaganda pieces are manufactured and sold as ‘rare original relics’ by a group of neo-nazis pretending to be purveyors of ‘rare souveniers.’

There is a legitimate market in genuine items of militaria, including German, that has nothing to do with these practices but we are interested in the growth of anti-Semitic neo-nazi hate groups and the people who fund their dangerous progress, both in the United States and in a Europe ripe for far-right takeovers because of the on-going immigrant problems.

To the stolen Weissensee gold comes a second flood of funding money from the sale of these pieces of AHSA has been investigating these nazi-supporting far right fanatics for some time and we have amssed a thick file on them.

We want to begin our series by discussing the organizations and persons who are behind the hate-group funding.

A major personality is one Robert Johnson of Lakemont, Georgia.

He does business as ‘Germania International’, P.O.Box 68, Lakemont, GA 30552

This business is registered, as an LLC, to his wife, using the name of Lana Cantrell.

His provocative website, packed with neo-nazi propanda, pictures, text and items for sale is:

His telephone number is: 706-782-1668

He resides at: 30 Burch Lane, Lakemont, Georgia 30552

Two of his American outlets for counterfeit nazi relics are:

  • Rock Island Auctions

7819 42 Street W., Rock Island, Illinois

  • Affiliated Auctions

2500 Alapachee Parkway, Tallahassee, Florida

His rabidly pro-nazi website is hosted by:

  • GoDaddy

14455 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Mr. Johnson is well-known as an avid supporter of President Trump and a bitter enemy of Israel.

This Germania International firm deals extensively in expensive nazi-period items, many of which are recently manufactured fakes and sold as such by the makers for small amounts of money. He then offers these counterfeit pieces for sale as ‘rare originals’ for large sums of money.

According to official State of Georgia records, found on the Internet, last year ‘Germania International’ netted $500,000!

How much of this went out in support of alt-right organizations is still under investigation.

Johnson, a Canadian, is believed not to be a citizen of the United States and he previously has worked for Willis Carto, a well-known Holocaust denier and active supporter of far-right and pro-nazi groups.

It should be noted that the importation into Germany of recently-manufactured nazi-era items is considered provocative nazi-propaganda and is punished under German law.

Who are the respectable members of society that do business with this man? How many call him “friend?” Should responsible main-stream charitable organizations dare to accept blood money from this treacherous hypocrite?

These are questions that we ask now and we intend to answer in later Action Reports.

What we see here is only the tip of a very large, and dangerous, iceberg and there will certainly be much more to come from us on this subject in the very near future.


The American Holocaust Survivors Association

From: <>
Sent: Sunday, June 18, 2017 12:50 PM
To: RD Mountford
Subject: Re: Important Report

On 2017-06-18 13:29, RD Mountford wrote:
Fuck off with your filthy lies

What do you consider lies?
There is no question that there is a big industry making and selling
fake Nazi items to gullible collectors.
One dealer, who has, of course, written a book on the subject, sells German helmets painted with modern paints, as “original camouflaged” pieces.
Another makes, and sells as original, a “rare Himmler tapestry” from the Chancellery in Berlin.
A German dealer takes an original German Army dress dagger, gold plates it and claims is is  “General’s dagger.”
These are not lies and I have a thick file of such frauds and have every intention of publishing every bit of it in the coming weeks and months.
I am not responsible for lies but an army of crooked dealers and their shills on the WAF most certainly are.
And lies have short legs!


11 thoughts on “Newsletter 258 June 18, 2017

  1. Excellent!
    My Russian collector friends all seem to have gotten this message. I wonder how many were sent out? If this keeps going in the present format, it should do very much to stop the frauds.
    I am writing to the two people who have sent this around and I think the number of viewers much be very many.

    1. The person who sent these around, and I believe there are now more, had written that his mailing list was 9,760 and that was the initial posting. I think there are going to be more but that depends on the people in New York who are mailing this around. I predict eruptions and screams of rage, not only from frightened dealers but also from collectors who are discovering how badly they have been mislead.

  2. Gentlemen”
    Some dealers are not very well knowledged in their business and often have fake items mixed in with their stock. They simply do not know good from bad.
    Other dealers buy fakes and have them made knowing these are fake.
    All in all, publishing more information on this subject is a good idea.

    1. True. But if the collector is shown what fakes are being made, and sold, they simply will not buy the fakes and be swindled.
      Most original pieces are now in collections.
      Also, there were 7,200 Knights Crosses issued during the war to all parties.
      Now, it is conservatively estimated that there are 32,000 in private collections.
      A miracle like the legend of the loaves and the fishes!

  3. Gentlemen:
    Won’t the innocent suffer with the guilty?
    It is true that the German militaria market has, in essence, been taken over by a claque of dishonest merchandisers and the market is loaded with fakes.
    I think you are the only one exposing all of this and the messaging between deluded collectors, their friends and irate, and frightened, dealers is something to contemplate.
    Still, someone has to do it if we wish to get the market back to whatever passes for normal.

    1. True that many dealers and dealer/collectors have, and sell, fakes. And I agree that in a number of cases, the dealer knows less than they should about their subjects but the flood of fakes overwhelms the trade and soon, many new collectors will bow out and stop buying. And when a collector finds out that he has a fake that is being exposed, he cannot resell it. Suing a dealer is almost impossible so he is stuck. And the crooked dealer is also stuck with riker mounts full of fakes that no one will buy. But genuine collectors will not suffer because they and their fellows know good pieces and there will be an emergence of a much smaller collecting world but one in which the participants are aware of what they are doing.

  4. Gentleman:
    The object of this Jewish report on Nazi propaganda fakes has been writing all kinds of weird emails around, accusing people of various crimes and misdemeanors. He also thinks Mr. Royster is at least six different people!
    There are enough rogues in the business to keep Mr. Jürs busy for several years.
    Good hunting!

    1. I have noticed the squealing. This is something one finds on the “expert” forums. Their contributors remind me of small children arguing over possession of a Barbie doll and most of them have the intellectual acuity of angleworms. ADR

  5. The legitimate collecting of militaria has been sadly tarnished by the intrusion, and control, by a group of ignorant merchandisers who have forced the prices of items way beyond the reach of the average collector.
    This sending by a Jewish organization only touches on the fact that many of these merchandisers are also members of the very far right and the idea that they are helping fund dangerous fanatical groups is far from unbelievable.
    Serious collectors ought to band together and take back control of the market, kicking out and discrediting the merchandisers and fanatics

    1. This is being implemented as I write. I agree that a legitimate hobby has been turned into a machine, run by thoroughly crooked people and supported by trained fools that infest the so-called “information forums.” And I also agree that all of these parasites ought to be discredited and driven away from the hobby. Input is always welcome. ADR

  6. I don’t know if you are still in business , I hope so , your article has reinforced my theory that many German medals, daggers, pins etc. are just what your article states Fake ! and are sold to the unsuspecting customer as the Real thing I collect German militaria but also collect baseball cards buttons, a little bit of everything and I was burned more than once on Nazi stuff and always wondered if the stuff I now have is real ?your article was very informative and I am going to pass it on. Thank you

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