Newsletter 240 January 17, 2017

Newsletter 240 January 17, 2017

We just received this copy of a letter from a reader. We have redacted his name out of courtesy but are publishing this to show the sort of anguish some of our writings are causing to people who richly deserve them.

January 17, 2017

Jack W. Stewart, Esq

61 North Market Street

Asheville, NC  28802


Re: Your communication of January 5, 2016


Dear Mr. Stewart:


Your letter of the fifth of January, last year, was forwarded to me and received as of this date.

I am constrained to say that I have never received such a bizarre, inaccurate, and nearly unintelligible, communication from any alleged professional source in the past.

I categorically state that am not A.D. Royster and am not in any way connected with said A.D. Royster other than to have read a website he authors in which he exposes makers and merchandisers of fraudulent and counterfeit German militaria.

I also state that I have not informed any law enforcement agency about possible felonies committed by your client, Lana Cantrell, owner and operator of “Germania International, Inc.” or her husband, Robert Johnson, listed in your letter as her Historic Advisor.

Following a perusal of your letter, I accessed the Royster site on the Internet and searched, in vain, for any reference whatsoever to any comments about “gold bars and large denominations of cash” in the possession of Cantrell or Johnson.

Should these individuals indeed be in possession of such fiscal objects, this would be of absolutely no interest whatsoever to me although there might well be Federal agencies who would be interested.

In the event your clients, with or without your knowledge, were engaged in attempts at tax avoidance or other illegal activities, I would assume that anyone reporting these to competent authority could hardly be construed as committing either harassment or cyberstalking.

To report a crime, or alleged crime, to competent authority is not considered harassment or cyberstalking

To have knowledge of a violation of the law and to conceal it from competent authority would, in and of itself, constitute a breach of the law and make the possessor of such knowledge an accessory before the fact.

I will acknowledge that Mr. Johnson and Germania International, Inc. have not had what could be termed a good press, reputation-wise, on the Internet and I, personally, would never either purchase anything from them which they alleged to be genuine, and neither would I be able to truthfully recommend them to any collector wishing my personal opinion.

You have stated that the Royster site contains material about possible tax fraud and other negative acts on the part of your clients.

You have requested that I remove these from the Royster site.

In the first instance, I would require you to cite chapter and verse and specifically quote any alleged misstatements made by Mr. Royster concerning the issues herewith set forth on his website and in the second, since I am not Mr. Royster, never have been Mr. Royster and do not maintain any such website, it ought to be patently obvious that I would be unable to alter any of his postings.

Might I suggest that the proper course for you to follow would be to send your objections directly to Mr. Royster?

Some time ago, I received another letter from your office alleging some kind of a business transaction between myself and your client(s).

In response to this, I categorically denied ever having had any such transactions with said client(s) and as in the present instance, I also categorically deny any of your, and your client’s, allegations..

Further, I request that you cease and desist sending me such communications and in the event that you disregard my request, I will take further steps to assure that you do not do so in the future.

And be advised that I am forwarding a copy of this communication to various institutions and potentially interested parties, to include, but not be limited to, the A.D. Royster website.



7 thoughts on “Newsletter 240 January 17, 2017

    1. If you could see the emails I get from appreciative collectors who have been warned off questionable items contrasted with the livid, foul-mouthed screams from exposed dealers, you would not be able to eat for some time from laughing so hard.

  1. I see you are having an effect on the crooked dealers. At the MAX show many of them were talking about how evil you were and that someone ought to sue you to shut you up. One of the bigger dealers said to me that Royster had cost dealers “millions of dollars in lost sales.”
    My, isn’t that a shame!
    Between ludicrous fake Third Reich rings (made by the carload lot in Poland today) fake fantasy tapestries, fake Hitler paintings, fake field marshal batons, fake Goering relics, fake high medals and decorations, and even fake gas mask containers, belt buckles by the hundreds and many more worthless pieces of modern junk the collector only has your site available where they can learn the truth about the huge mass of fakes being shoved into them.
    Keep it up!

    1. I could paper the walls of my bathroom with hysterical and demanding letters I have received from a small army of shysters across the country. I pay absolutely no attention to them and have no intention of taking down a single word I have published nor in not discussing the subject of fakes. The lawyers make money sending out letters like that and they can sue me whenever they like. I live in another country and to sue me would cost the increasingly hysterical dealers legal fees that would be bigger than the national debt of Mexico.

  2. Dear Mr. Royster:
    Here is a copy of an email I just sent to a Mr. Jack Stewart, a lawyer for Robert Johnson of Germania International. I got a copy of a letter he is sending around, accusing me, and others, of harassing his client. Where he got my name, I do not know but hopefully these people will find better things to do with their spare time.
    Michael Suslov
    Mr. Stewart:

    I have been advised that you are putting my name around, accusing me of allegedly attacking a Robert Johnson who owns Germania International of Lakemont, Georgia.

    I state that I have never attacked Mr. Johnson anywhere or at any time and I would appreciate it if he, and you, will cease and desist in the improper use of my name.

    From what I have heard of Johnson, I would want nothing to do with him, his wife or his business.

    I do know that he has been telling the public, on his Internet site, that he is a close relative of one Harry von Johnston whom he claims was a colonel in the German cavalry during the second world war and who also commanded “a Cossack regiment.”

    I checked with the German military archives in Freiburg, Germany and they searched their records, advising me that there was no such person in the German Army in the second world war and sent me a list of German officers commanding Cossack units and his name, or anything like it, does not appear anywhere.

    What other false stories Johnson has put out to the public, I do not know but I wish it made very clear that I have had nothing to do with him and wish to keep it that way.

    Michael Suslov

    1. Apparently, the people at Germania International are upset at some of my postings.
      My, I wonder why this is the case?
      As I only attack fakes, not fakers or specific dealers in known fakes, why would these people suddenly become furious and get a lawyer to write threatening letters?
      Can anyone advise me in this confusing situation?

  3. Now the lawyer for Germania is accusing me of attacking the Johnson family that owns it!
    I wrote to him and told him to take my name off of such letters but he won’t respond.
    If this keeps up, my next letter will be to his bar association.
    I was at several shows last year and believe me, the Royster site is hated by both swindled collectors and swindling dealers.
    The one whose lawyer has been writing around is especially furious and a friend who is a collector got a totally disconnected email from him, capital letters, colored text and all, barely understandable but he claims the Royster people are going to blow up the MAX show with an atomic bomb some time!
    I guess their Prozac prescription ran out.
    Some of these people in the collecting/dealing world belong in an institution eating cold beans off a tin tray while some ward attendant is watching them through a hole in the door.

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